Living and Leading the unforced rhythms of grace.

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AUGUST 26-28, 2018

A two day retreat where we practice new and old forms of worship, formation, and reconciliation, for our own lives, the communities we lead, and the sake of the world.

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Check out our August Retreat Schedule overviewing the flow of our 2 day retreat together and what you can expect. 

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Click below to learn more about our August 2018 speakers line up. We are curating some incredible women and men to guide us through these deep waters..
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Got Questions? We have answers! Click below to read our most frequently asked questions and find helpful information to keep you best informed.

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Want to come? We'd love to see you there! Click below to learn more about our tickets, registration, and pricing for the retreat. 

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Space to tend to our souls, and tools to tend to the souls in our community.


hear what others are saying...


I loved hearing from people of wildly different backgrounds that are on the same journey as I. The emphasis on spiritual disciplines was great. It was a good balance of practicing meaningful disciplines and talking new ideas of how to implement them in our church.
— 2016 Retreat Attendee
I came on this retreat with a desire to be more purposeful in leading people into the presence of God during our worship experiences. The Sunday night experience and the conversations around the use of liturgy and helping people have access to these ideas during the week was encouraging. In addition, the fellowship and the times of conversations with other pastors and worship leaders was very informative and encouraging.
— 2017 Retreat Attendee
I loved the whole retreat.
— 2016 Retreat Survey Response
I was just so encouraged by the conversation as a whole and by the hunger that seems to be growing amoung leaders to find ways to connect their traditions with ancient traditions. I love it when people start to make the connections and I loved getting to witness so much of that. Also, it was just good to be part of two worship services with such amazing talent and music. My soul needed that.
— 2016 Retreat Attendee
Getting away was one of the most helpful things for me. Like Jonathan Martin talked about on Monday, we need a place to be ministered to and The Practice and The Retreat are places that I can go to be refreshed.
— 2017 Retreat Attendee
I loved the side conversations with people. I had really great conversations with people at meal times. Those one on one opportunities helped me delve more contextually into the content we were discussing. Also, Fr. Michael’s prayer gestures stuff was so helpful.
— Retreat Attendee 2016
At the retreat, God transformed the way I viewed my painful experiences. The Sign of the Cross was really powerful to that end. My pain has been steering me toward fear for two years. When Fr Michael asked what our hearts looked like on Monday, all I could see was pain and fear. When he asked again on Tuesday, I could still see those wounds in my heart, but instead of fear, there was strength and courage radiating from them. I felt Jesus come so close to me, and rooted in a deeper awareness of his love for me, I feel free to move forward without fear. My husband and I have been able to have conversations and move forward on things that have been stalled by fear for years. On a daily basis, I am more aware of God’s presence and also more present in my own life. I’ve laughed more and had more appreciation for the tiniest things. It’s been a gift to be awakened to the beauty of my own life, and all the ways God is present with me.
— 2016 Retreat Attendee Testimony